Herzegovina Clan

Clan Herzegovina is the first CS clan in Herzegovina , we are currently one of the best clans in Bosnia the Herzegovina consists of experienced gamers from across Bosnia the Herzegovina. More of our members you can find here if you are interested. a lot of our members are very smart young men who know very good the programming languages and they have a lot of behind excellent the world-renowned programs on which they worked, and CS they still play as a hobby. Some of them worked on videocap software, also we have photographers and designers, and one of them made this great buzz lightyear project.
Herzegovina has so far organized a major international tournament, which was the 2011th in Mostar, also this year, is prepping great tournament will be held in April 2012th year. More on the tournament. Herzegovina is the origin of the name of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since the the founders are from Mostar Herzegovina, which belongs, like the majority of the originated as a clan, even though today we have members from other cities of Bosnia Herzegovina such as Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Doboj and other cities.

In addition to CS-and this clan has performances at various tournaments in Dota, League of Legends, COD. And more good results, Just a sometimes going back home without a medal. Currently we are likely most active gaming clan in BiH and we hope will stay that way, but little or no competition, even though a lot of clans in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been active in various competitions, with very good players, especially CS and other games. Last year (2011). Clan Herzegovina had a total of five competitions in Graz, Hamburg, Zagreb, Banja Luka and Belgrade, where they are in Graz, Zagreb and Belgrade, won first place in Banja Luka, the second and in sixth place in Hamburg. What are the very good results and poor teams who can boast with similar results in our region.

Where is Herzegovina

Position of Herzegovina is located in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it along with the region called Bosnia appears along the land of Bosnia and Herzegovina, although there is no official border, which would determine which part of the of BiH is Herzegovina there are some speculation and some statements that indicate that apparently includes some BiH and parts of the surface to form a solid percentage that makes Herzegovina. The largest city is located on the territory of Herzegovina is Mostar, which has since the last census over 100,000 citizens.


Herzegovina is divided into western, eastern, upper and lower Herzegovina. A name Herzegovina was given at the 1454th as a geographical term. In Herzegovina is Adriatic climate and its is quite warm, and the great heat of summer, which is not so bad for fans of the beautiful and warm weather, of course. Much more information can you get Herzegovina on Wikipedia.